Terms and Conditions


1. Terms and conditions stated below govern your use of the events.IWSA.world website for obtaining and managing your IWSA ID, your swimmer’s profile, registering to IWSA World Cup and other events and general use of events.IWSA.world website.
2. By using our website, you agree with our terms and conditions completely. In case of disagreement with any part of terms and conditions, you must not use our website.
3. Winter Swimming World Cup is a series of events created and governed by the International Winter Swimming Association (further IWSA). IWSA grants a right to organise stages of the World Cup to IWSA members acting as organisers.
4. IWSA supports and promotes other events organised by IWSA members based on IWSA rules  as well as quality and safety standards.
5. IWSA ID is the international identifier of a winter swimmer. It is unique for every person. Using IWSA ID we can identify a competitor, run and track stats of the swimmer’s results, score World Cup series points. Besides that it helps to avoid mistakes in name spellings and age group calculations at different events.


6. To be eligible on using our website you must:
– Be 18 years old or older in order to create an account and be able to make a payment.
– Complete the account registration process by verifying your email.
– To obtain IWSA ID for yourself, you must create your swimmer’s profile and provide true, complete and up to date information on your first name, last name, birth date and gender,  country and city where you live. The info on your club, your contact info, the links to your social media are not obligatory and can be provided by your own desire. You must consent to processing these personal data by IWSA.
– To obtain IWSA ID for your child, spouse or team mate you must create their swimmer’s profiles and provide true, complete and up to date information on their first name, last name, birth date and gender, country and city where they live. The info on their club, their contact info, the links to their social media are not obligatory and can be provided by your own desire on their behalf. You must consent on their behalf to processing these personal data by IWSA.
– Agree to Terms and Conditions.


7. The Term begins when you create an account at events.IWSA.world and continue as long as you use the website. By clicking the button and entering your username means that you’ve “officially” signed the Term.
8. Terms may be changed at any time by the IWSA board members. You will be informed by email given to your prior registration, in a case changes occur.

Account and password
9. If you create an account with our website, you will be asked to enter your email and password.
10. You must keep your password confidential and you are responsible for any swimmer’s profile you created and have access to. In case of any unauthorised use of your account, you must inform us immediately via email events(at)iwsa.world or via our social media.
11. We don’t have access to your password and can only reset it for you in case you have forgot it or lost.
12. The swimmer’s profiles and their IWSA IDs you created are connected to your account and the email address that was associated with your account at the date when the profile was created.
13. Changing your email address mean dropping your old account and creating a new one. You must contact us and prove your identity to transfer your swimmer’s profiles in a case such change occurs.
14. Should a swimmer who’s profile you manage decided to create his own account with us and transfer his/ her profile to his/ her own account, he/ she may contact us from the email associated with his/ her own account and request such a transfer after providing a proof of his/ her identity.
15. You are responsible for any activity on our website. In case of failure keeping you account secured, you may be liable for any losses arising from such a failure.

Registration to events

16. You can register to IWSA event any swimmer who’s profile is managed under your account.
17. The registration is confirmed after your payment is received.

Payment and refunds

18. All payments are made and processed via direct bank transfer or a selected credit card payment vendor. We do not store any of your credit card information.
19. All payments are accepted in Euros (EUR).
20. Refunds during the registration periods are made by contacting us at events(at)iwsa.world no later than one month prior to the event date. Starting from one month from the event date the registration fee will not be refundable.

21. Our website uses cookies and by using our website or agreeing to terms and conditions above (Chapter 1-20), you consent to use of cookies stated in our privacy and cookies policy.

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