Rumia, Poland
Club: Biankowski Team

About the swimmer:

An extreme sportsman, he used to practise swimming and rugby, currently he succeeds in doing Triathlon and Swim Run. However, his true passion is ice swimming, also called winter swimming. In this sport Piotr is an undoubted champion breaking the barriers of cold, endurance and speed.

The Swimmer's Performance Stats
25m Freestyle
2019-11-02Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:15.71E
2018-01-17Minsk Open 2017 - shorter pool00:13.97D
25m Butterfly
2020-02-0512th Winter Swimming World Championships Bled 202000:16.86E
2019-11-02Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:17.29E
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201800:16.17D
2018-01-17Minsk Open 2017 - shorter pool00:15.18D
2017-11-03Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201700:16.92D
25m Breaststroke
2019-11-02Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:20.75E
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201800:19.70D
2018-03-04WSWC2018 Tallinn00:20.16D
2018-01-17Minsk Open 2017 - shorter pool00:18.52D
2017-11-03Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201700:20.13D
50m Freestyle
2019-11-01Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:34.28E
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201800:33.15D
2018-01-17Minsk Open 2017 - shorter pool00:31.52D
2017-11-03Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201700:33.76D
50m Breaststroke
2019-11-02Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:44.11E
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201800:43.36D
2018-03-04WSWC2018 Tallinn00:43.84D
2018-01-17Minsk Open 2017 - shorter pool00:40.18D
2017-11-03Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201700:44.12D
100m Freestyle
2019-11-01Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201901:15.68E
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201801:15.59D
2018-01-17Minsk Open 2017 - shorter pool01:10.45D
2017-11-03Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201701:18.26D
100m Breaststroke
2020-02-0512th Winter Swimming World Championships Bled 202001:34.20E
2019-11-01Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201901:34.22E
2018-01-17Minsk Open 2017 - shorter pool01:29.65D
200m Freestyle
2020-02-0512th Winter Swimming World Championships Bled 202002:41.21E
2018-03-04WSWC2018 Tallinn02:36.52D
2018-01-17Minsk Open 2017 - shorter pool02:35.08D
200m Breaststroke
2020-02-0712th Winter Swimming World Championships Bled 202003:20.37E
2018-03-04WSWC2018 Tallinn03:24.88D
450m Freestyle
2020-02-0612th Winter Swimming World Championships Bled 202007:23.78E
2019-11-01Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201906:35.38E
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201806:30.34D
2017-11-03Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201706:48.06D
1000m Freestyle
2020-02-0412th Winter Swimming World Championships Bled 202016:25.30E

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